Visqueen Radon Membrane rus

  • Accredited by BRE Certification Ltd
  • Prevents the ingress of Radon gas
  • High resistance to puncturing & tearing

Independently Accredited by BRE Certification Ltd (Certificate Number 083/01) Visqueen Radon Membrane is an unreinforced polyethylene membrane, suitable for use in the protection of buildings from the ingress of Radon gas. Visqueen Radon Membrane will act as an effective passive radon membrane in most typical applications when installed in accordance with our instructions and will also act as a Damp Proof Membrane..

Standard technical details along with a detailed Visqueen Radon Membrane Installation Guide are available upon request. Visqueen Radon Membrane must be installed in accordance with BRE Certification Ltd recommendations (Certificate No. 083/01).

For UK installations Visqueen Radon Membrane and ancillary components must follow the recommendations of Building Research Establishment Reports BR 211 \"Radon : guidance on protective measures for new dwellings\" In Ireland Visqueen Radon Membrane must be installed in accordance with the recommendations of IS 325: Part 2 1995 and clause 11 of BS CP 102 1973 Code of Practice for protection of buildings against water from the ground. Further guidance in relation to radon is contained in Technical Guidance Document C of Building Regulations 1997 which should be read in conjunction with the DOE Publication \"Radon in Buildings\".

Visqueen Radon Membrane can be used in most common floor constructions. It is installed in a similar way to damp proof membranes, but with a much greater attention to workmanship and detailing in order to achieve effective sealing at all locations. Visqueen Radon Membrane is not intended for use where there is the risk of hydrostatic pressure. The product should be installed on a blinded or smooth surface allowing adequate overlap for jointing between the sheets and avoiding bridging (i.e. areas of unsupported membrane). In order to provide a continuous barrier the membrane must be joined to the Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance DPC.

Thickness 300mu
Width (m) 4
Length (m) 25
Colour Red
Roll Weight 27.6Kg
Technical Performance
Elongation at Break (BS 2782: Part 3: 320A) 550%